The heart of your attraction strategy

From the moment a candidate lands, your careers website needs to capture their attention, educate them and inspire them to take action. That’s a lot of heavy lifting. Luckily we’ve been creating engaging careers websites for the biggest brands in the country for many years and, in that time, we’ve come to know what attracts candidates and what makes them stick.

Presenting a professional face to candidates

Once you’ve attracted the top talent to your site, a successful careers website needs to convert visitors into applicants, or encourage them to sign up to your talent bank. A Genius website puts the candidate experience first in every aspect, so they see themselves reflected in your employer brand, it’s intuitive for them to find the information they want, and applying is quick and simple, even on mobile. Especially on mobile.

Plunge candidates headfirst into your culture

We’ve carried out our own research into what candidates want to see on a careers website and our findings show there is crucial information–such as your mission statement, values and vision—that they want to see so they can make sure your values and priorities align with their own. If they choose to apply, the candidate is signing up to spend the majority of their waking life with your company. They need to know it’s somewhere they’ll be happy and flourish.

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Celebrating your existing team

Your careers website is not only your number one tool for attraction—it forms an important part of a retention strategy too. By including information for existing employees such as career paths, development opportunities and internal vacancies, and most of all celebrating the achievements and stories of your team, you can show them how much their talents and their progression are valued.

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Still beautiful even on the move

We know for a fact that the vast majority of candidates now access careers websites on their mobile phone. That means the site doesn’t just have to work for mobile, it needs to be designed for mobile first. Navigation, information and opportunities in the palm of your hand where you can apply for your dream role with just a few key pieces of information. It's time to say goodbye to barriers.

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Creating a website that can be found

Of course the most beautiful and engaging careers website that was ever created is no use if no one ever sees it. The beauty of working with Genius is that we can help you with outreach, as well as the site itself, because our experience with SEO and social matches our experience of careers websites. To be discoverable, your site needs to serve up the answers to the questions your ideal candidates are asking search engines. Our strategy can help you do this.

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