Bringing the candidates to you

Around three quarters of job searches start on Google—that’s why it’s important that employers maximise their search engine visibility. Our search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies will help you do this—and build an audience of top talent for your employer brand.

Rise up the rankings

The top result on a search engine results page (SERP) has an average click-through rate of 28.5%. The tenth result has a click-through rate of 2.5%—that’s why ranking highly is important. Our SEO strategy will help your site climb the rankings and make you more visible to candidates.

Discover what people are searching for
Have you ever thought about how people find your careers site? If you think they’re searching for your company directly, you’re almost certainly wrong. It’s much more likely that they will have discovered you by searching for keyword phrases. Google directs users to sites that include keywords related to their search query. So, the more you know about the keywords your target audience are likely to search, the more searchable you can make your site. That’s where we step in.
Use keyword-rich content to drive visibility

We deliver content strategies based on in-depth keyword research that will boost your visibility to your target audience. This involves developing content on and off your website and centres around blogging, which is the hardest working single tool for positively impacting your SEO and making your site more visible.

Build an audience of passive candidates

Developing searchable content around keywords that you know your ideal candidates are searching for will also help you to build an audience of highly skilled but hard-to-reach passive candidates. Demonstrating thought leadership with quality content will position you as an employer of choice so that, when they’re looking for a new opportunity, you’ll be top of mind.

Reach beyond your website
It’s not just the content of your careers website that drives SEO. What happens away from your website (off-page SEO) accounts for around half of your Google ranking. We create off-page content that champions colleagues as tool for amplifying employer branding, boosting retention and, crucially, bringing traffic and search engine visibility to your careers site. Want to see more?
Want to see more?
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