Welcoming new starters with open arms

Did you know around 22% of new starters leave within the first 45 days? Helping them to feel welcome, informed and ready to hit the ground running can change this. With the cost of recruiting a new employee standing at more than £4,000, it makes sense on every level to recruit the right candidate, and get them in role and feeling like part of the team as quickly as possible.

Seamless candidate journey

By the time a candidate is appointed, they have already come into contact with your employer brand at several touchpoints. When they move into the onboarding phase, it is critical that it feels like a consistent journey at a company they are already familiar with. Our onboarding system, Day One, is designed to give the candidate a seamless journey and help reassure them that they’ve made the right decision.

Ticks in all the right boxes

From an employer’s perspective, a consistent onboarding process means you know all regulations have been met and paperwork has been taken care of. You know that no matter whether your candidate is starting in a coffee shop in Reading or headquarters in Leeds, they’ll get a consistent experience and that all the necessary steps will be taken. References submitted, contracts signed and ready to go.

Saving time and money

One of the NHS Trusts which uses our onboarding system reported that it has cut down the time it takes to get candidates in role from four months to just 12 days. By getting new starters up to speed quicker, and increasing retention it’ll save your organisation money and, by digitalising elements of training and paperwork, it’ll save your HR team time, too.

Creating fully fledged ambassadors from the start

Together with a positive experience of the recruitment process, immersing the employee in your employee culture in the lead up to their start date will not only make them feel like part of the team, but inspire them to act as an ambassador, telling friends and family about their experience. It makes for more productive and engaged employees from the start.

A reassuring presence

Do you remember what it’s like to start a new job? All those questions and anxiety and how exhausting it is trying to take it all in. A well-planned onboarding process can take all this doubt away, providing answers and reassurance. Giving the new starter the confidence and information to embrace their new opportunity from day one.

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