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It’s a crazy world out there and we can help you bring calm and order to interview situations with a toolkit. Whether it’s for interviewing new employees or reviewing performance, this is a resource that your wider team can rely on to bring consistency at every level.

Asking the right questions

Interviewing candidates is a minefield. An interview toolkit gives all managers, no matter where they are based, access to the most effective questions to ask, whichever position they’re interviewing for. Ensure the candidates are judged on a level playing field by asking the same questions so you can score them fairly and justify your final decision. It gets the most from everyone’s time.

Giving your values meaning

Your company values aren’t just words. They should be reflected in how your employees act every day. A toolkit can help managers assess how their teams are performing against your company values, different behaviours or any other metric that is meaningful to your organisation.

Bespoke to your organisation

Immerse a candidate or employee in your culture by asking questions that match with your values. Your toolkit will be a fully branded and professional portal, designed to support your managers and help everyone get the most out of their time. Your branding, your tone of voice, your values.

Making the most of every interview

Everyone’s time is precious. Supply your managers with questions for candidates or employees at every level, including probes, so that they always know what to say and set the interviewee up for success. Increase the chances of hiring talent whose values align with your own and will thrive at your organisation.

Ensure all interviews stay compliant and fair
Toolkits allow for a consistency in interviewing which protects your managers—and your organisation in general–and helps hiring managers make fair and unbiased decisions. If different people are carrying out the interviews, whether internal or external, you know that the results can be compared fairly.
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