Reaching new audiences
Building trust, audience and ambassadors

Employers are just starting to come around to what marketeers have known for years: the benefits of content marketing. From getting your organisation out there into the public consciousness to growing your audience and positioning yourselves as an employer of choice, with the right strategy, content marketing can achieve so much.

Growing trust in your brand

Rather than ‘selling’ potential candidates a job, the reason that content marketing is so effective is that it is giving your ideal candidates content that you know, through research, they are interested in. Over time this builds up trust in your brand until the candidates become fans and even ambassadors of your brand.

Be seen by the right people

When doing research for a report into the preferences and behaviours of Generation Z, 76% of them told us that they start job searches on search engines. Search engine marketing, via a blogging strategy, will help make sure you’re serving up the answers to the questions they’re asking.

The virtuous circle

By building up an army of fans through quality and relevant content, you will start to create ambassadors. This simply means people sharing your content but, when content is shared, it implies to their audience that you are an authority on this subject. Your content will reach further, attracting more fans who in turn could become ambassadors and your audience will continue to grow in that way.

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