Your own on-demand talent pool

Do you know how many people visit your careers website? Does your marketing team know? If you haven’t checked recently, it’s time to take a look at the numbers. They might surprise you. They certainly surprised a supermarket chain we were working with who discovered that their careers site had received 2.2 million visitors. Imagine if you were able to harness 10% of that talent. 5% even. What could you do with it…?

Make your careers site work harder

Our clients are using their careers websites to convert huge volumes of traffic into registered talent. Even if a candidate’s dream role isn’t available right now, they have the option to join a talent register, giving you a fully managed talent pool of engaged candidates and a Genius talent mining tool to search with.

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Candidates are customers and customers are candidates

All the candidates in your talent database are potential customers, making it even more critical that the impression they are left with of you as an organisation is a positive one. So put candidate experience at the heart of your talent management process. Ask for as few details as you can and keep them in the loop at every step of the way. If 120 people apply for your vacancy and only one gets a job, talent management enables you to turn 119 potentially disgruntled rejected candidates into brand advocates.

Say goodbye to recruitment agencies

No more agencies. Resourcing when you need it, where you need it, for the roles you need to fill. When used in partnership with our ATS, you have a complete solution to store, manage and search hundreds of thousands of candidates. When a vacancy comes up, simply search the talent database you have built by current role, expected salary or location and reach out to the top talent.

Reach out and keep warm

Smart employers have the opportunity to reach out to, and engage with, thousands of potential employees and tap into our outreach tools to keep a hungry audience engaged with your business and your vacancies, when they come up. And regularly reach out to keep candidates ‘warm’ to check they’re happy to have their details on file or update them on your company.

Bringing the whole Genius offering into play

This is where our end-to-end recruitment solutions really come into their own. Our outreach will drive traffic to your careers website. Our talent register tool can capture the details of engaged candidates. Our ATS can house your candidate details and function as a powerful talent management tool. A seamless joined up process.

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