Which Job Boards Offer the Best User Experience?

Job boards have come a long way and can play an important part in your recruitment strategy. To get the most return on your investment, it’s important to find the job boards that offer the best user experience. We share how to choose which job board and maximise job board effectiveness.

Fiona Kyle
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October 25, 2023
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Although the world of recruitment marketing has evolved dramatically, there is still a key role for job boards as part of your strategy. They have a broad reach which is ideal if you’re recruiting in bulk and, at the other end of the spectrum, specialised job boards are great if you’re targeting candidates in specific industries or job roles. Using job boards can also be a cost-effective way of recruiting and increase your brand exposure.

The first step to maximising job board spend is choosing the right one. This might be a candidate’s first experience of your brand and it’s vital that it’s a positive one. So make sure that the option you choose offers an excellent user experience (UX), streamlining the job search process for candidates and making it quick and simple for them to apply for positions.  

In this blog post, we'll discuss why UX is important and what good UX looks like on a job board, explore job sites offering seamless job application processes and take a look at other factors to consider when making your choice.

Why is UX important on a job board?

A good user experience on a job board is essential for attracting and retaining job seekers. In a world where numerous job platforms compete for attention, a site that offers a smooth, intuitive and enjoyable journey stands out. When a job seeker finds it easy to navigate, search and apply for positions on a platform, it not only reduces their job-seeking stress but also bolsters their confidence in the platform itself–and, by association, the companies who advertise their vacancies on it.  

Additionally, an optimal UX means less time spent figuring out the functionalities of the board and more time focusing on what really matters–finding the right job. Remember, job hunting can be an emotionally draining process. The last thing a job seeker wants is to grapple with a clunky interface or a system that crashes midway through an application. For employers, a great user experience on the board translates to a larger pool of potential candidates, enhancing their chances of finding the right fit. In essence, an exceptional UX on a job board benefits everyone involved.

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What qualities make up a good UX on a job board  

But what does good UX look like? Here are some key elements that could contribute to a positive experience:

  • Easy navigation. It should have a clear, organised and intuitive layout, allowing job seekers to easily move their way through different sections and features.
  • Fast and accurate search. When a job seeker uses the search function, it should be fast and serve up results relevant to the search term they have typed in. Advanced search filters and features like keyword matching, location-based results and job category filters can help users find what they’re looking for at speed.
  • Mobile-friendly design. The stats from the careers websites we produce here at Genius show that the majority of candidates now apply for jobs on their mobile phones. This means that a responsive and mobile-friendly design is crucial for providing the best possible user experience on different screen sizes and devices.
  • Well-written job listings. Job vacancies should be well written, with clear headings, bullet points and concise descriptions, so that candidates can quickly get their heads around the role, requirements and application process.
  • Personalised recommendations. The best job boards serve up personalised job recommendations based on a user's profile, preferences, and search history, making it more likely that they find an appropriate job.
  • User support. A positive UX should include excellent user support, such as FAQs, live chat or email assistance. This can make a significant difference in candidates' experience should they encounter issues during the application process.

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Job sites offering seamless job application processes

So we’ve looked at what makes a good UX when it comes to job boards, but which of the many options currently use these to the best effect? These five job boards have streamlined their application processes to create a positive user experience:

  1. NexJob. An app which shares vacancies direct from company websites, giving candidates more choice and a great candidate experience. Hundreds of thousands of jobs are posted for free–when recruiters choose the paid-for option, candidates can apply with one click and employers can access candidate details and manage the whole application process in the app.
  2. LinkedIn. As a social media platform aimed at the business market, LinkedIn lets candidates apply for jobs using their LinkedIn profiles. This one-click apply feature simplifies the application process, making it easier for people to apply for jobs.
  3. Indeed. This popular job board allows job seekers to upload their CVs and apply for jobs with just a few clicks. There is also a mobile app version, which enables candidates to search and apply for jobs wherever they are.
  4. Glassdoor. What makes Glassdoor unique is that it not only offers job listings but also provides company reviews from previous employees and salary information. Candidates can create their own profile and apply for jobs directly through the site, simplifying and speeding up the application process.
  5. Totaljobs. As one of the leading UK job boards, Totaljobs offers a candidate-friendly interface and a simple application process. Job seekers can choose to apply for jobs with either their CVs or using their LinkedIn profiles.

These are just five of the job boards doing great work to help candidates have a seamless experience of applying for a job. At Genius we have helped clients in a huge range of industries use job boards to the best possible effect.

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Additional factors to consider when choosing a job board

Once you have made the decision to allocate some of your recruitment budget to a job board, and spent time researching the best options, it’s important that you make sure you’re getting the best value out of your investment.  

Here are some tips to make sure you are getting everything you can from the job boards you have chosen.

  • Track and analyse data. Keep track of how your job postings are performing on different job boards so you can see which boards are bringing you the best results. Take a look at results including number of views, applications and successful hires to help you shape your recruitment strategies in future.
  • Engage with job board features. Work with your recruitment marketing company to make sure you’re getting the most out of additional features offered by job boards, which might include sponsored listings, featured employer profiles or targeted email campaigns, to make sure your adverts are getting in front of as many of the right sort of candidates as possible.
  • Streamline the application process. Make the application process as user friendly as possible by integrating your chosen job boards with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This will have a positive effect on candidate experience and encourage more people to apply.

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